Saturday, May 02, 2015

A Snowy Owl Story

A Snowy Owl Story
Written by Melissa Kim
Book Cover
One winter, as food gets scarce, a snowy owl finds herself forced to look in new and unfamiliar spots in order to find food and a place to call home.
Based on a true story, “A Snowy Owl Story” describes, through the tale of one particular owl, the recent irruption of snowy owls all across the United States. Through this simple narrative, youngsters will learn about migration, adaptation, and respectful human interaction with nature. This unique series is written and designed specifically for a preschool market; few board books exist that tell conservation stories for this age range.
Published in cooperation with Maine Audubon.
The book can be purchased through  Islandport Press  or on   Amazon
Ten percent of the proceeds from this book help to fund Maine Audubon’s outreach programs for underserved