Saturday, July 25, 2015

Atlantic Seaside Still Life

     No plants or animals were harmed in the creation of this still life. It’s an imaginary compilation (using photo reference) of some common flora and fauna found on the North Atlantic seaside in summer. The bell jar displays the skeleton of a Red-winged Blackbird. Plants include flowering Common Milkweed, Spreading Dogbane, and Canada Lilies. Insects featured are found on the plants they favor. The Monarch Butterfly, Red Milkweed Beetle, and Milkweed Tussock Moth all prefer Milkweed. The beautiful Dogbane Leaf Beetle is often found on the Dogbane plant, and the Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly and Stalk Borer Caterpillar can be found on Canada Lilies. I also added a few Periwinkle shells for a bit of flair. Watercolor. 

Prints Available HERE


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